HOTH (Hot Off The Hook)

This week I’ve been working on a few smaller projects.

Quick Scarf

I whipped up this scarf in about an hour using some chunky yarn that had been in my stash for a few years. The scarf will be donated to Knit One Give One (kogo). I’ve been donating items to Kogo for a few years now. I found them to be the charity with the least rules about what they will accept. They say on their website:

We can find a deserving “home” for any hand knit – whether it be for baby, child or adult!

They accept beanies, baby blankets, toys, scarves, gloves. You can make adult blankets, or just make squares and they have volunteers who will sew the squares together to make blankets. This is great for using up the left over bits of yarn after you’ve finished other projects – just make your squares 20 x 20 cm. You can drop off donations at Lincraft stores Australia wide, or at a huge number of drop off points in Victoria check the website for details.

If you’re interested here’s a rough pattern for the scarf in US terms:

  • Yarn: 60m/100 g of Panda Mega Magnum (this yarn appears to be discontinued)
  • Hook: 10 mm
  • Row 1: ch 2, 50 foundation double crochet stitches (~70-75 cm long)
  • Rows 2-5: ch 2, DC in the first stitch, back loop DC in the next 48 stitches, DC in the last stitch (ch2 + 50 DC per row)
  • cut yarn and weave in ends
  • sew on 2x 4 cm wooden toggles

Baby Gift Set

This wash cloth and beanie are a custom order for a baby gift.

The wash cloth was made using 50g of Patons 8 ply cotton blend (colour 16) and a 4 mm hook. I used the free Polly Plum ‘Begin the Beguine’ pattern. I just kept going till I nearly ran out of yarn, then finished off with a round of SC (round 16 in the pattern). This gave me a square of ~21 x 21 cm.

The beanie was made using this candy swirl hat pattern, Stylecraft Special DK in plum (shade 1061) and a 4 mm hook. I have to say that I didn’t enjoy making this one. I’m happy with the final product, but it didn’t look like it was going to sit properly until I added the last couple of rows forming the band. The whole time I was making it the edge wanted curl out the wrong way. I’m not sure if changing the hook size/tension could fix this as the pattern did not specify a hook size or tension.

To make the ears for the beanie:

  • make a magic ring
  • ch 2 and 7 HDC into the magic ring, pull the ring closed
  • turn work, ch 2, *2 HDC into the first st, HDC in next st* repeat to end (11 HDC)
  • turn work, ch 2, HDC in each st (11 HDC)
  • turn work, ch 2, SC in each st (11 SC)
  • cut yarn, leaving a long tail for sewing on to the beanie

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